Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit
Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit

Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit

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Got buckets? Turn them into tree watering systems! With this kit you'll get a Root Seeker and the Rubber Grommet needed to provide a good mating seal. We like our Reservoirs, but we also like to promote recycling old stuff.

  • Patented design delivers 5-gallons at the natural perk rate of your soil
  • Save money and be environmentally conscience
  • Makes a great school or club project
  • You'll need a 1.375" Step Bit and a Drill with 1/2" chuck
  • Done right, works as good as our Original Base System

Instructions: Included with your order. But here they are:

  1. Turn the Bucket over
  2. Place a mark 1" from the edge
  3. Drill a hole with 1.375" Step Drill Bit (we offer them)
  4. Weave the grommet into the hole
  5. Go water trees

Small Trees - Push the Root Seeker into the root-well, remove the Cap, set the Reservoir, and fill. The entire process takes less than a minute and you are done for the week. 

Larger New Trees - Drip zone watering is recommended to encourage outward root growth. Install 3 systems around the tree in the drip zone and fill once a week. This method is the quickest way to establish the tree in it's new environment. 

Drain Rate - Good permeable soil will drain in about 15 minutes and soak the targeted locations. Fresh plantings may be faster, older plantings may be longer, but the real benefit is you only spend a minute of YOUR TIME. Once empty, your tree has a week's supply of water to draw from. 

  • 93% reduction in time spent. (1 min vs 15 min per tree)
  • Deep-release delivery reduces water requirement and promotes deep roots
  • Start now to maximize the value!

NOT slow-drip: Please don't expect the Reservoir to remain full for extended periods of time. Slow drip irrigation is not natural, and it promotes concentrated root development at the drip point. Constant drip can result in a tree becoming MORE dependent as it grows. 

Clay or compact soil has high tension and a slow percolation rate. Heavy clay may require an initial plunging with a 5/8" dowel rod to get water flowing. This is not a problem with new trees, but can be with larger, established trees. 

Follow-up: It's fine to leave the system installed year-round, but if you prefer to remove the Reservoir when empty, it's just that easy. Reservoirs stack nicely in the corner of your garage. We recommend to leave the Root Seekers capped and in place during the growing season. 

Very durable: You know how tough a bucket is, right? It's like that. Our only breakage problems occur with Root Seekers when they are pounded into compact, dry-hardened soil around a mature tree, which we don't encourage. For new trees, Tree I.V. will live longer than you need them. We strongly encourage you to find a new home for them when you're done. Please don't send them to the landfill.

Want more?

Neglect is what kills first-year trees. Why? because watering takes too much time! We designed Tree I.V. to be quick and easy to use, while being effective and efficient at getting a reasonable amount of water right where it's needed. We think even the busiest people can find one minute per tree each week. If you have kids, tell them to do it.

Why a 5-gallon bucket? Nothing is easier to handle, easier to fill, easier to find, and tougher than a good ole' 5-gallon bucket. We just add a sealed hole in the bottom. It's also convenient that 5 gallons of water will completely drench 5 cubic feet of soil, which is the size of the root-well of most new trees.

The Root Seeker pushes into the root-well until the wide shoulder makes solid contact with the surface. The shoulder keeps the water from resurfacing. The outlet holes are 4" to 9" below the surface. Water exits these holes moving down and out to deep soak the root-well. Most times, the top few inches will remain dry. Since roots seek moisture, they are encouraged to remain deeper than with surface watering. Surface watering will actually encourage root growth in the mulch, which you want to avoid.

Trees with a branch spread exceeding 6 feet should be considered for drip line watering. Placing three Tree I.V. systems around the drip zone will encourage outcropping feeder roots and a more independent tree. Watering larger trees at the trunk (like with bags do) may lead to MORE dependence on supplemental watering as the top grows. We want new trees to become independent after the first few growing seasons.


Tree I.V. is a simple tool created to help you save time and water. Claims of watering quantity and frequency in our content are based on generally normal weather conditions and small native trees. High temperatures, drought, exotic species, and large size are examples of situations requiring an increased frequency or quantity of water. Ultimately, the user retains full responsibility for the performance and/or results while using Tree I.V.