A Better Way To Establish New Trees

Effective Watering. Soak the entire root-well ASAP so the entire root system can feed the tree. The roots send nutrients upward while soaked, then develop outward and downward in search of more. This is a natural soak-deplete cycle that will yield an independent tree much faster than constant drip irrigation or shallow surface watering.

Water Efficiency. 5 gallons will completely soak 5 cubic feet of soil. That's approximately the size of the root-well of a small tree.

Time Efficiency. This is YOUR time, and it needs to be fast. A 10 GPM garden hose will fill a 5-gal reservoir in 30 seconds. Speed is critical because most folks won't spend hours every week, leading to neglected trees. Anybody can find a few minutes.

Easy to Use. Installation and removal in seconds. Filling is easy for kids.

After filling you are done for the week. Now Tree I-V allows your soil to pull the water out of the Reservoir through the Root Seeker, at it's own natural rate! This rate can range from a few minutes to several hours depending on soil type and condition.

Tree I-V Watering the Drip Zone of a larger new tree

For larger trees that have been machine planted, watering can be concentrated around the drip zone between the root ball and the undisturbed soil.

Encouraging outward root growth is the most effective way to get independent trees faster. Tree I-V offers more flexibility and a more reasonable capacity when compared to bag products which must be located at the base of the tree. With other options like Fill & Haul and Use Your Own Bucket kits, we are sure you'll find...

Tree I-V is the best way to get new trees on their feet! 


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