Nature and the Tree I-V Watering Process

If the weather was perfect, we'd get an inch of soaking rain once a week. This would only take a few hours, then dry. Repeat. Without that panacea, newly planted trees with vastly undersized root systems will suffer. They need a soak-dry cycle to encourage feeder roots to expand into the new native soil, and once they become established, you can relax on the supplemental care. The Tree I-V System lets you control of the timing of the soak, but more importantly, it insures deep penetration with less than a minute of your time.

Tree I-V Watering System

Tree I-V Watering System

With Tree I-V systems in place on your newly planted trees, you only need a few minutes each week to fill them. Water flows through the root seeker into the root-well for a good, deep soak. That deep soak gives the entire root system nutrient uptake in the first few days, then promotes water-seeking root expansion as the moisture wanes later in the week. Without the dry cycle, a tree may continue to outgrow it's root system to become weaker and MORE dependent. This is the problem with slow, constant drip watering that only soaks a small area. A strong root system is absolutely essential for hydrological independence and wind strength. Get it in two growing seasons by watering weekly with Tree I-V.

Drain time on newly planted trees can be as fast a just a few minutes because the soil is very loose. After settling, the drain time should slow to 15-20 minutes on future applications. Don't be overly concerned with drain times, as it is the natural percolation rate of your soil. Just relax and enjoy your free time!


Try this at home! Filling Tree I-V Reservoirs is approved for kids aged 2 and up. They love to do something with a garden hose, right? It makes a great "chore" for a Saturday morning, and gives you a chance to instill values of environmental stewardship while they are young and impressionable.

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