Tree I.V. Root Seekers

Quick and Practical Root Development for New Trees

Tree I.V. Solutions

Tree I.V. Original Base System

Install the Root Seeker, attach the Reservoir, and fill in about a minute. While you water other trees, 5-gallons soaks the entire root-well for a 7 day supply of moisture for your tree. Normally drains within 15 minutes. Remove Reservoir if desired.

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Tree I.V. Root Seeker DIY Kit

Already have buckets? Convert them to Tree I.V. Reservoirs! This solutions comes with a Root Seeker and a rubber grommet seal that you install. Works as good as the Original. A great project for kids!

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Tree I.V. Original Fill & Haul System

Got remotely located trees? This solution includes a Reservoir Plug and Lid so you can pre-fill and transport without splash loss. On location simply attach the Reservoir and begin watering instantly. Fill and Haul water to your trees!

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how it works

Installation and Filling

Push the 10" long Root Seeker into the root-well. Remove Cap, attach the Reservoir, and fill (this can be done with one hand tied behind your back). In less than a minute you will be deep watering your new tree!  


While you do other things, the Root Seeker is deep soaking the the root-well. Gravity pushes the water down and out. No run-off, no evaporation, no wait! Drain time varies with soil type, but is within 15 minutes for normal soil.


5 gallons of water will soak the root-well of a small tree. All the feeder roots will have access to moisture and will use it over the next 7-10 days. Once drained, remove the Reservoirs if desired. They easily stack and store in your garage.

Compares Favorably to Bag Products

Tree I.V. Use on Small Trees and Shrubs

1) Tree I.V. is quick & easy to fill from any source, and it doesn't need to be adjusted during fill. 2) The stand-alone design does not pressure the tree or cover the trunk to invite insects and fungus. 3) Tree I.V. will soak the root-well with only 5-gallons. 15 gallons is overkill. 4) String trimmers and lawn mower debris will not poke holes in Tree I.V. 5) Reservoirs are easy to remove, stack, and store if desired.

Tree I.V. Use on Larger-Sized New Trees

Tree I.V. systems can be set around the drip zone to encourage a deep, sprawling root system (bags dump at the trunk). 7) Tree I.V. drains quickly to help settle the aerated soil with a new planting. 8) The surface and/or mulch remains dry, thereby using less water and promoting deeper root development. 9) Reservoirs are portable to any Root Seeker locations. 10) Plugs and Lids are available so you can Fill & Haul water to remote trees.

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