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Start with this...

...and get this!

one concept - three options

Original Base System

The fastest way to deep-soak the root-well without losing a drop. Install and fill in seconds, and you're done for the week! Works on new trees, bushes and plants.

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Use Your Bucket Kit

Got buckets? Build your own system and save some $$! You'll need a drill, a bit, and this little kit. Done right, works just like the Original. Great conservation project for kids!

Build Your Discounted Package

Fill & Haul System

Got trees your hose won't reach? With a Plug and a Lid added to the Original System you can fill the Reservoir and haul it to remote locations without splash loss.

Build Your Discounted Package

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Collection of components used as replacements or to simply add-to an existing Tree I-V system.

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We ordered 6 of these last year to water newly planted spruce trees. They held up great. We removed them for the harsh Minnesota winters, but I just put them all back in the ground. I am ordering more as we are planting more trees. Such a time-saver!

K. Anderson


Work well for deep watering of new trees. I've been using these for approximately a year, and they work way better than drilling holes in the bottom of a 5-gallon bucket. The water actually gets to the roots.

M. Wegner


Everything else in our garden is stressed from lack of rain, but our newly planted shrubs and trees which have the Root Seeker buckets near them are doing fine. Great product.


Installation and Filling

Insert the 10" root feeder into the loosened root-well of your newly planted tree (first time only). Remove the cap, attach the 5-gallon reservoir, and fill. This takes less than a minute and you're done!

Natural Percolation Rate

While you kick back and relax, the Root Seeker is deep releasing water at the natural percolation rate of your soil. 5-gallons of water will soak the root-well and settle out unwanted voids. 

Soaked Root-Well

All feeder roots now have access to water for at least a week. The typical 15 minute drain time is the same as slow-watering with a hose. If you're watering 6 new trees, you'll save 90 minutes... every week!  


Much better than the tree bags easier to use.

Barry Rhoten


Excellent product! Great for my young trees. Not as good for huge old trees.

Karen G.


Fast shipping and great product.


tree i-v advantages over bags

Small Trees and Shrubs

1) Fast filling, 2) Self-supporting, 3) Right-sized, 4) Unpokeable, 5) Easy to remove and store, 

Product Catalog

Machine-Planted Trees

6) Drip zone locating, 7) Add systems, 8) Promote sprawling roots, 9) Portable, 10) Settles voids

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About Us and Tree I-V Brand

SayeGrow is a family business located in the Southeast corner of Kansas. Our small farm is buried in the peaceful hills and oak-filled valleys of the Big Hill Lake area. The original tree watering system was created back in 1997, out of necessity, while landscaping our new homestead. When something works... go with it, right? We created the Tree I-V brand, refined the design, and kicked-off our new business.

Since 1999 we have worked to keep up with growing demand through our online outlets. The buckets and root seekers are sourced from US-owned and operated factories, and final assembly happens at our location. We continue as a factory-direct business and our thousands of customers include homeowners, city parks, and businesses of all types and sizes. Give us a chance to prove our value. We won't let you down!