Root Seeker won't go in  - Drive a screwdriver in and wallow it around slightly. If the hole is too big water may flow back up to the surface. If that happens, pick another spot. Undisturbed soil like that found with established trees can be rock hard in dry times, we understand. While these are not the recommended applications for Tree I-V, they will work with with a little extra effort and patience. 

Drains too fast  - Please accept our professional advice that draining "too fast" is not a problem, it's by design. A tree cannot use water that's not in the ground, so our job is to get it there as fast as possible without wasting any. Tree I-V is designed to deliver 5-gallons of water deeply, efficiently, and at the natural percolation rate of your soil. Newly planted trees may be as short as a few minutes until the soil settles, which should slow the drain time to 10-15 minutes. No matter how long it takes, YOU only spend a minute filling the thing up every week. Kick back and enjoy the free time! 

Drains too slow - If the level is not dropping after a few hours, reinstalling in another location sometimes works. If not, find a round rod (around 5/8" dia), poke it into the top of the Root Seeker with the full reservoir, and work up and down a few times in a plunging motion. This is never a problem on newly planted trees, but can be a problem on older trees in clay or dry-hardened soil. The plunging motion opens pores in the soil that will speed up the percolation rate to a more desirable speed. See more in the instruction sheet provided with your order. If you are still not satisfied, email or call. We promise to help!

Water is resurfacing - Insure the Root Seeker is installed completely, with the wide shoulder pressed firmly against the soil to prevent resurfacing. If the problem remains, it could be a (very rare) quality problem as addressed next.

Quality problem - If water is leaking around the grommet, shame on us. Please email or call and we'll make it right. Guaranteed!

Reservoirs blowing around - Loosely tie the handle to your tree with twine.

Kids won't go outside - Tell them to go water the trees. It will work, I promise.