10-pk Tree I-V DIY Root Seeker Kit
10-pk Tree I-V DIY Root Seeker Kit
10-pk Tree I-V DIY Root Seeker Kit

10-pk Tree I-V DIY Root Seeker Kit

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If you already have buckets, we want you to use them. With this kit you'll get 10 Root Seekers and 10 Rubber Grommets needed to provide a good mating seal. Done correctly, your "home-built" systems will work as good as ours!

  • Deep-release reduces water requirement from 15 to 5 gallons
  • Soaked root-well promotes deeper, robust root systems
  • Naturally percolates into your soil (5 - 30 min)
  • Self-Supporting - Will not stress trees like bags can
  • Includes 10 Injector/Cap and 10 Grommet

Instructions for DIY: Sheet included with your order.

Required tools: Electric drill, 1.375" step drill bit, tape measure, and sharpie.

  1. Turn Bucket upside down
  2. Place a mark 1" from the edge
  3. Drill a hole with 1.375" Step Drill Bit (we offer them)
  4. Weave the grommet into the hole (easier when warm) 

System Set-up and Use

  1. Push injector firmly into root-well just to the side of root ball
  2. For larger trees, use 3 units around the dripline
  3. Remove injector cap and toss it into reservoir
  4. Line up reservoir hole with injector and press down firmly
  5. Fill with water and any desired supplements
  6. 10" long injector soaks the root-well downward and outward
  7. Drain time is faster while settling the soil on new plantings
  8. When empty, remove reservoir and replace cap (optional)
  9. Use weekly for independent trees in 2 seasons